Seamless Streaming

PlayTo lets you browse and find online and local content and then watch them on any TV or network ready media device - it supports any living room device. Find home media from any of devices in your home.

Smart TVs (Samsung, Sony, etc, via DLNA)
Apple TV
Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire Stick

Use your Android phone or tablet or Windows 10 as the ultimate remote.

Find your favorite content from any of the 150+ supported websites.

Supports Photos, Videos and Music.

Online Content

Videos and Music from web.

Local Device

Photos and Videos from device.

Media Server

Music and media from servers.

PlayTo In Action

Android Screens

Landing Page
Left Menu Options
Listed of devices detected
Media files on the device
Play the selected video
Right menu options - Play, pause, seek, previous and next
List of local device directories
Casting images

Frequently Asked Questions

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